"Crowned in your curls"


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Curlgantics is a black owned business founded by CEO Tyanah in late 2018. The passion for natural hair came during 2014 where self-love for herself, culture and most importantly her hair started. She began her transition immediately then began to fall more and more in love with her kinks, coils and curls. Hours were spent on YouTube researching good products to use, how to get hair to grow, how to get healthy hair and so much more. After, what seemed like forever of trying many different products, ideas and methods, not many stuck out or that she really loved. She decided to create her very own natural hair care line not only to obtain the hair goals she set for herself, but to share with others that have the same issues she did years ago. Curlgantics was created with hair health, hair growth, and naturalness as top priority. Diversity is another top priority for Curlgantics as well; products are not limited to only African American/ Black women, Curlgantics is for all of those who have kinks, coils, curls and even waves. The main point of Curlgantics is to embrace your kinks, coils, curls and waves regardless of your background, we are all crowned in our curls! 


You are Crowned in your Curls